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20 yrs+ Only Cryogenic Cylinder manufacturer in S. Korea



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HanbeeCryo Co., Ltd. was established in March 1996 as a Cryogenic Liquid Gas Cylinder(LGC) manufacturer.

HanbeeCryo Co., Ltd. has developed cylinders for storing and transportation of liquefied gases (LO2, LN2, LAr, LCO2, LNG, etc.). It is produced through strict inspection process prescribed by high pressure gas related regulations and laws.

Since 1996, we are the only company that produces Cryogenic Liquid Gas Cylinder(LGC) for over 20 years and market leader in overtaking imported products in S. Korea.


HanbeeCryo Co., Ltd. has been supplying the Cryogenic Liquefied Gas Cylinders(LGC) with economical prices by diversifying the specifications of the desired products according to the needs of the consumers by capacity and pressure by the R&D and management of the advanced technique since the establishment.


Internationally, we have sales representatives as partners in Moscow in Russia, Shanghai in China, Bangkok in Thailand, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam for HanbeeCryo Co., Ltd. in the global market. The quality of our Cryogenic Liquid Gas Cylinders(LGC) is recognized.



1996. 03


2002. 02 


2006. 06

2008. 02

2010. 06

2010. 09

2015. 07

2018. 07

Founded in ULSAN Nam-Gu, S. Korea

Expansion moved (located in Ul-Ju County, ULSAN)


Operating a Moscow agency in Russia

LNG Fuel Tank (Cryogenic Gas Cylinder) for Industrial vehicles development 

(patent, utility model acquisition)


Supplied all the cylinders of LNG  hybrid fuel conversion project for industrial vehicle (Ministry of Land Transportation & Maritime Affairs)


Expansion moved (Okcheon, Chungbuk)

Supplied to Busan New Port Yard Tractor for LNG conversion


Supplied  LNG fuel tanks of industrial vehicle for pilot project (TATA DAEWOO)






​Established Year

 Lng fuel conversion project (Ministry of Land Transportation & Maritime affairs)
supply LNG cylinders to BUsan newport yard tractor project

Patent & Certification




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  • HQ:  Hanbee Cryo, 53-27 Okcheon Nonggong-Gil, Okcheon-Eup, Okcheon-Gun, Chungbuk, 29041, S. Korea

  • ULSAN: 183-42, Goyeon-ro, Ungchon-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, 44968, S. Korea



       Tel: +82-43732-9817 

       Fax: +82-43732-9887



  • 107023, г.Москва, Мажоров пер. д.14, бизнес-центр "ABC" 

  • +7 (495) 988-64-44 (многокан.), 589-61-09


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We always welcome to any questions or comments for new business opportunity of partner and agency in the world.


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