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LNG Vehicle Fuel Cylinder

The vehicle cylinder is a vacuum super insulated cryogenic container which allows storage of Liquid natural gas at low temperature with very low consumption to ensure a long time.

  • Produce safety as the best goal ㅣ  Produce only cylinders that pass the inspection according to the inspection items specified in Code KGS(Korea Gas Safety Corporation) AC 416

  • High durability ㅣ Produce with accumulated technology and know-how for manufacturing cryogenic liquefied gas cylinder for industrial use


  • Excellent thermal insulation ㅣ 90% insulation technology that does not bend for 5 days even when fully it charged

  • Easy repair structure ㅣ Design for easy replacement of parts in case of trouble

  • Customized production for customer's demand ㅣ Advanced cylinder design and manufacturing technology, so we can respond promptly to requirements regardless of vehicle models and volumes


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