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초저온 용기 (LGC) 

175 Series


  • The standard model is the most common cylinder that use for general industrial to medical industrial. Now this cylinder has been using for all other industrial sectors as their favorites.

  • The most common and selling model that can accept the pressure of LP, MP, IP, HP; each pressure cylinder is produced its own built-in vaporizer cylinder and non-built-in cylinder.


50 Series


  • Compact cylinder with diameter of Ø300. VLC 50 - MP is most used by 1 ton truck as live fish transport and consumption of small amounts as the research institute.

  • It is also available to order attached  the wheels as an option to move indoors.


90 Series


  • This is less length and size than the 175 series model and mainly use where the place is narrow as laboratory; The model has MP, IP, HP of pressure. Both self built-in cylinders (VLC Model) and non built-in cylinders (DLC Model) are high on sale.

  • It is also available to order attached  the wheels as an option to move indoors.


230 & 320 Series


  • It is Ø550 & Ø660 in diameter and is used mainly in indoor places where gas consumption is high and movement is easy.

  • It is possible to change the capacity according to the customer's request. It is also possible to order the product which is easy to move indoor by attaching an optional wheel.

Pallet Type Mass Container 


  • It is widely used in large quantity of gas demanding place where movement is necessary. It is a portable pallet type, which protects the container by frame, and is a large capacity container which is easy to move by forklift and hoist.

  • Capacity and operating pressure can be ordered separately according to customer's request.




  • P&ID for the DLC & VLC Models

Custom Order



It is available to order different pressures, sizes, capacities and more by special customer needs.

KAIST Custom Order

15L cylinder for LAB in KAIST

KAIST Custom Order

KAIST Laboratory Nitrogen Generator of 160L cylinder

POSCO Custom Order

Pallet type 660L for POSCO

KAIST Custom Order

9L cylinder for aviation in KAIST

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