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175 Series

  • The standard model is the most common cylinder that use for general industrial to medical industrial. Now this cylinder has been using for all other industrial sectors as their favorites.

  • The most common and selling model that can accept the pressure of LP, MP, IP, HP; each pressure cylinder is produced its own built-in vaporizer cylinder and non-intrinsic cylinder.


  • DLC 175-LP : It is used when extracting liquid at low pressure such as laboratory.

  • DLC 175-MP : Most commonly used for general industrial use.

  • VLC 175-MP : It is used in places where there is a small space as live fish truck tank with built-in vaporizer.

  • DLC 175-IP : It is mostly used for regular oxygen cutting.

  • DLC 175-HP : It is widely used where high pressure is needed such as laser cutting.


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